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Kaat Pype has been making special portraits for many years.

For this she often works together with an assistant, who takes the place of the person portrayed beforehand, so that technique, attitude and concept are well prepared.

Pype has now collected all those stand-in images in a book.

Always the same man in front of the camera, not self-conscious.

Always the same man. Page after page.

Always the same man, functionally present, although it is never about him.

The stand-in's book therefore raises questions.

When does an image of someone become a portrait?

Does the stand-in acquire its own identity through the more than one hundred images?

Will he become a character?

Will the viewer find out more about him?

What we know for sure is that Kaat Pype is showing something here that didn't want attention, something that wouldn't be shown.

Her first book STAND-IN took shape at Katrien Anys' desk, where the two-part cover took on its current form.

The handwritten, stand-in cover, surrounding the printed, bound cover.

It has been a common thread in Kaat Pype's artistic projects for years.

She reverses roles, undermines perspectives.

She decontextualises.

STAND-IN is above all an ode to love, a tribute to her husband.

The book will be available from September 30, 2023.

By ordering it now you invest in the production process.

People who order the book will be invited to the book presentation on September 30, 2023 in Kunsthal Ghent, where they will receive their autographed copy.

If you are unable to attend, the book will be sent with print.  


Publisher: Stockmans Art Books
Year of publication: 2023
Book design: Kaat Pype, Katrien Annys
Hardcover + stand-in cover
Pages: 170 pages, 154 color images
Size: 16x24.5cm

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